Working just for the bottom line isn’t the best strategy towards creating a good company culture. By making sure your employees are happy, it results in happy clients and good profits. As Judith Miller writes for Remodelers Advantage, building a strong company culture, “where employees are challenged and rewarded, and the company can succeed beyond your wildest dreams," is just as important.

So how can you develop a healthy work culture? Miller outlines four ways you can accomplish this:

  1. At your annual or bi-annual company-wide meeting, be sure to highlight success stories and projects of your employees and establish your company’s goals for the next six or twelve months ahead.
  2. Create a regularly scheduled brown bag lunch event where employees teach a new skill or process to other team members.
  3. Encourage the formation of a company book club that reads a short work related to your company. Then over the next few months, the book is discussed. Miller says, “This exercise encourages discussion and opens avenues for employees to bond.”
  4. Do fun events with your staff, like company picnics, family day, bowling night, or happy hours, so that you can create opportunities for your employees to bond and have fun outside of work.

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