During the holiday season we are bombarded by messages designed to get us lusting after things others deem desirable. The ads are all over the place.

It is easy to be seduced by these messages into thinking that you need at least some of what is advertised in order to be happy, to feel fulfilled. But by being huckstered into thinking all that, you are likely to miss the best gift that you can give yourself, which is: DREAM YOUR OWN DREAM, not somebody else’s.

Take some time, as we go into the New Year, to reflect on what you want to accomplish in 2015 and beyond. Write it down and flesh it out. Be clear about the “why” so you will be more certain regarding the goal(s) you set for yourself as valid months from now.

This does not have to be hard work. And don’t rush through it. Keep it simple.

When done, keep at the ready whatever you have decided to focus on. A little note in your wallet can help you remember what you want to strive for. A Post-it on the dashboard of your car does the same thing. Make it hard to forget what you want to achieve.

Then be prepared to celebrate your successes next holiday season!