Home builders and remodelers often face the same hurdles. Dealing with time management, work stress, maintaining a healthy balance between life and work can often lead to burning out before the job is done. Builder Magazine writer Bruce Snider gives five ways you can avoid being burnout during your next project.

  1. Put everything in writing: "The first and most essential tool in managing your time is a system for planning and prioritizing what you do. “
  2. Share the load: Learn to trust other people with the responsibility of managing your business; you can’t do it all on your own.
  3. Book time for yourself: Choose projects carefully that allow you time to breathe. It’s good to recharge by going on vacation of few weeks, or taking a day off here and there. Recharge your batteries so you can return to a project, or go forward with a new one, with fresh eyes.
  4. Work hard, play hard: Find an activity or hobby that takes you away from work so you can get out of “thinking mode.”
  5. Keep an eye on the finish line: Speaking with Builder, Andy Beck says, "the things you need to reach retirement in shape to actually enjoy it—efficient time management, adequate separation between work and private time, and a team that can run the business without you—are the very things necessary to create a business that can survive your exit."
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