When was the last time you asked your employees for internal feedback? If it was longer than a week ago, you've got room to improve according to Joseph Grenny at the Harvard Business Review. Grenny looked at The Other Side Movers, a company run entirely by "criminals, hardcore drug addicts, and homeless people," that receives glowing reviews regularly. The secret to this success lies in the regular feedback employees provide to one another:

Twice a week all employees sit in a circle and play “The Game.” The Game is a peer-driven process of bringing feedback to those you care enough about to help them improve. That doesn’t mean it is a love-fest. It can get loud and raucous. Feedback recipients are often defensive. But as other members of the group add their perspective to the feedback you’re given, you find it less tenable to deny the concerns – and eventually find the humility to embrace what your colleagues are telling you. The very frequency of Games — not the quality of delivery — lowers the emotional stakes over time to where team members become comfortable hearing difficult truths.

Interested in learning more about how this company turned feedback into a regular occurrence? Then click on the link below to read the full article over at Harvard Business Review.

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