Mike Austin

The design/build process provides countless benefits for the home­owner, the builder, and the designer. All three work together as a team, sharing knowledge, skills, and experience to create a mutually beneficial solution. If this process works so well for a remodeling project, why not consider a similar process for remodeling your business?

Owner: The owner may need to build or remodel his or her business to create a specific result. Just as you would with a remodeling project, ask if the owner’s expectations are realistic. Does the owner have an adequate budget for the work, and if not, can he obtain financing? Can the owner make confident decisions, and will he stick to them? Once the project begins, what will it be like to work with the owner?

Designer: The designer can be the owner, a business coach, or a consultant. Regardless of who you choose to do the design work, make sure that person is qualified for the task. If, as an owner, you choose to take on the design work yourself, I suggest you design as if you’re selling your creation to stockholders. This will build accountability into your plan.

Builder: You’ll need a business construction team to put your plan into action. Just as with the design/build process, involving the construction team during the design phase will result in a more successful project. Your construction team has experience with your business and will have some solid input to share.

As with a design/build project, once you identify the goal and put a team in place, the next step is to establish the production process. Create a written action plan, schedule, and budget. The key is having the commitment of the team. Otherwise it might only be another dream. Shawn McCadden sold his design/build company and now consults with remodelers and the supply chain. shawn@shawnmccadden.com

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