I give advice to lots of good folks. Many people feel the advice is useful and helps to make their businesses more successful.

Periodically Nina (my wife) and I have projects that need to get done which we cannot or choose not to do ourselves. The following is what I wrote to one business we had work for us. We did to be clearer about what reasonable expectations for our working relationship should be.

  1. In general, the contractor is the client's advocate, inspecting the plans and the work of his trade contractors to make sure it fits with the intent, the goals, of the plans.
  2. The completed project is what the client purchased, not a given number of units of materials, etc. If more material, etc., is needed, it is not the client’s problem, unless it was addressed as an exclusion in the contract.
  3. In general, the contractor keeps the client informed in a responsible and timely manner. When news/info regarding the project is known by the contractor, the client will be informed sooner than later.
  4. Any work that is to be done outside the contracted scope must be approved by the client before the work is done. If the client’s approval is not secured before the work is done, then the client is not obligated to pay for the work.
  5. Phone calls are to be returned within 24 hours.
  6. Email must be answered or at least acknowledged within 24 hours.
  7. At meetings, the contractor takes notes and then sends a recap to the client.

You may wonder why I thought these expectations were reasonable. We did all the above every time our business worked with a client!
Each of the points I wrote about were not obvious to the person we were working with. Truly unbelievable--that was my reaction as I gradually realized this. But we survived and the work itself is mostly good

Want to be a success? Do what I have laid out above. Why?Because then you are truly working together with your client. The result: Clients will LOVE you, hire you again and refer you over and over.