Words of wisdom from our mentors can stay with us a lifetime. Inc.com contributor Christina Desmarais spoke with 14 executives to share the best advice their mentors ever gave them. Here are the 14 pieces of advice that were given:

  1. If you’re going to be in the room, be useful.
  2. Keep moving forward with eyes on your goal.
  3. Making something people want.
  4. Take care of number one.
  5. Attract positivity and take action.
  6. The key to happiness is balance.
  7. Always think about how to craft your story.
  8. Find a job you love.
  9. Have an incredibly solid mentor network.
  10. Smile, breath, don’t quit.
  11. Your success is defined by what you say “no” to.
  12. Take short term discomfort for long term gain
  13. This too shall pass.
  14. Learn something from everyone you meet.
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