Lolly Daskal, President and CEO for Lead from Within, writes for on the 11 ways she is fostering leadership and success in her own business. Deskill emphasizes the fostering of relationship within a company and how “the most significant things we achieve are generally done in relationship with others.”

Daskal recommends 11 ways to utilize and foster relationships you are working to build or maintain:

  1. Make time for people by cultivating stronger, deeper relationships which require time and effort.
  2. Call people by their name no matter how bad your memory may be.
  3. Initiate conversation
  4. Be respectful and emphatic when you are required to tell bad news.
  5. Appreciate the value of diversity within your organization
  6. Look for and build on other people’s strengths because everyone has something to contribute
  7. Don’t take all the credit; share it
  8. Lift others up by fostering a culture where people encourage one another
  9. It’s human nature to talk, but ban gossip because there is no value to it
  10. Own up to your errors because everyone makes mistakes
  11. Build trust as a foundation of a healthy relationship
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