GOBankingRates examined 61 out of the 100 most populous cities based on employment growth, or percent change in the city's number of employed people year-over-year; population growth: the percent change in the city's population year-over-year; increase in home values: the percent change in the city's median home value year-over-year' and years to pay off property: the number of years it would take for rental income to pay off the median home value.

"Growing populations in the top 10 cities on our list are fueling the need for more housing," said Cameron Huddleston, Life + Money columnist for GOBankingRates. "That's why these cities are such great places to own investment property now. On the other hand, the cities at the bottom of our list have seen little-to-no population growth, so the demand for housing isn't as high – which means real estate investors won't do as well there."

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