Mitsubishi Electric.

The Mr. Slim H2i P-Series outdoor heat pump offers a 36,000 BTU/h cooling and 38,000 BTU/h heating capacity and the maker's new Hyper-heating Inverter (H2i) technology, which incorporates higher compressor speeds at low temperatures and re-collects heat energy normally wasted in the flash process at the outdoor coil. As a result, the unit is highly efficient, operating at 100% of rated heating capacity at 5°F, 87% at -4°F, and 70% at -13°F, the maker says. 800.433.4822.


Available in indoor or outdoor models, tank-less gas water heaters measure 23 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 10 inches deep, making them ideal for small spaces, such as attics and closets. Available in June, users can choose from two flow rates: a natural gas 7.5 gpm model or a 9.4 gpm unit available in natural gas or LP gas. By heating water only when needed, the tankless units maintain efficiency ratings of .82, compared with .53 to .62 for standard water heaters, and can save homeowners up to 25% on water-heating costs annually, the maker says. 800.626.2000

Grand Hall.

Using a counterflow design and multipass heat exchanger technology, the Eternal GU32 hybrid water heating system maintains 86% thermal efficiency with consistent pressure, the maker says. Easy installation and PVC-ventability make Eternal popular among plumbers. A computer monitoring system helps prevent scalding or cold-water shock, and the appliance has near-zero greenhouse gas emissions. 877.934.7455.


The Elite Series XC14 air conditioner features precision-engineered scroll compressors and sound-dampening for quiet cooling. With efficiency ratings up to 16.20 SEER, the XC14 helps reduce energy bills, and uses ozone-responsible R-410A refrigerant. To control moisture, the XC14 works with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system. SmartHinge louvered access panels protect coils and make the system easier to service. 800.953.6669.


Outperforming conventional heating systems by 200%, the maker says, the all-electric Acadia combined heating and cooling system is touted as a "next-generation heat pump." Acadia does not require supplemental heat and can use its efficient refrigeration cycle to continue heating even when outdoor temperatures fall below freezing. Opti-Cycle technology uses a second compressor to boost the system's performance. Early adopters have seen utility bills drop as much as 70%. 877.322.2342.

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