courtesy Screw Products

Screw Products. Long-Length Screws are similar to self-drilling structural screws but with a smaller wire size, usually in the #8 to #14 range. Countersinking heads and self-drilling points make them suitable for driving into hard, dense materials without predrilling. Available up to 12 inches long, they can also be used for landscape ties or furring with thick material. Zinc coatings and stainless steel are available for exterior use. 877.844.8880.

courtesy Powers Fasteners

Powers Fasteners. Adding to the company's Tapper series is the 410 Stainless Steel Concrete Screw Anchor. Available in a number of Perma-Seal colored coatings, it boasts Class 4 corrosion resistance and is designed for a multitude of exterior applications, including light metal industrial. 914.235.6300.

courtesy Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie. Model H14 is a high uplift hurricane tie designed to meet the requirements of new building codes in areas of high wind speed. It is rated at 1,350 pounds of uplift using Douglas fir or 1,465 pounds of uplift using Southern pine, installed to double top plates of double 2x header. This hurricane tie can be installed with rafter nailing flanges facing inward or outward, providing greater maneuverability in installation, says the maker. 800.999.5099.

courtesy Bostitch

Bostitch. Thickcoat galvanized fasteners have 2½ times the zinc of conventional electro-plated fasteners and have both a chromate and a polymer coating for added performance. They are designed to protect against corrosive pressure-treated ACQ lumber. The fasteners are available in a variety of wire-weld collated stick and coil-framing sizes. 800.556.6696.

courtesy Stud Claw

Stud Claw. Drywall Backer Spring Clips, available in ½-inch corner and 3-inch ceiling styles, install without nails or tools. Sharp talons on the wire clips grip the framing. The clips eliminate unnecessary corner stud framing or blocking to allow full perimeter and ceiling insulation, says the maker. 716.662.7877.

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