Boise Building Solutions. Replacing the AJS-5, the AllJoist I-joist framing product, the AJS-140, features 2½-inch-wide machine-stress rated flanges of strong black spruce for a wide nailing surface. It's available in lengths up to 48 feet and is lightweight, making it easy to handle, says the company. 800.232.0788.

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Universal Forest Products. The Open Joist 2000 is an open web, all-wood floor truss. The open web design makes installing mechanical systems easier, because it's done within the floor frame instead of below it. The truss is lightweight and installs like dimensional lumber. It comes in 9¼-, 11 7/8-, 14-, and 16-inch depths with ends that can be trimmed to fit exact framing dimensions. Each one is tested to more than twice its design load, says the maker. 800.584.5191.

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Elk. An embossed finish lends an authentic look to the CrossTimbers line of composite decking and fencing. A brushed finish is also now able. Both reverse a smooth side. Offered in five colors, including Sandalwood and New Cedar, and constructed of oak and polypropylene, the products are said to last longer than pressure-treated lumber. 866.322.7452.

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WindsorOne.Tongue and groove bead boards and interior reversible shiplap are now offered in a line of specialty boards from the company. The engineered wood boards are end- and edge-glued and double-primed with acrylic latex primer on all six sides. The bead boards come in a ¾-inch thickness and a 6-inch width or a 5/8-inch thickness with a 4-inch width. The shiplap is available in a ¾-inch thickness and 6-inch width. 888.229.7900.

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Georgia-Pacific. Developed for use in non-structural trim applications like fascia, corner boards, and door and window trim, reversible 4/4 PrimeTrim has a smooth surface on one side and a textured surface on the other to offer versatility of use in a single product. Available in 16-foot lengths and standard lumber widths, the lumber comes with a 30-year fully transferable warranty. 800.284.5347.