HomeAdvisor is making it easier for contractors to utilize its Instant Booking marketplace (and continuing the Repair Wars) by integrating Apple iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, mHelpDesk, ServiceTitan, and MarketSharp. When a homeowner schedules an appointment through Instant Booking, that appointment will immediately show up on the contractor's calendar if they've linked them together. Instant Booking is already available with Google Calendar.

"Our philosophy when we built this technology was to make it easy for service professionals to participate in our Instant Booking marketplace," said HomeAdvisor CTO Brandon Ridenour in a press release. "“One approach we see competitors taking is to build their own platform and force participation in their ecosystem. We believe the smarter approach is to let businesses keep their current digital calendaring functions and allow for seamless integration into our marketplace."

HomeAdvisor's Instant Booking technology helps homeowners connect with contractors on demand for over 500 different types of projects, including plumbing and remodeling. Read the full press release here.