The Home Depot (HD) plans at all its stores nationwide to celebrate on Aug. 27-28 the 3% of its customers who account for 30% of the company's $75 billion in annual sales.

HD's first-ever National Pro Appreciation Event will be "kind of like our Black Friday for pros," J.T. Rieves, vice president for pro business, told REMODELING today in an interview. "Pros are extremely important to our business. We want to throw a party ... do lots of email and outreach, buy them some food. And we've got a ton of promotions."

Among the features to be offered are free delivery on products purchased during the event and 10% off the first purchase made with the opening of a new HD-branded pro credit card. There also will be giveaways, vendor presentations, buy-one-get-one offers, and the introduction of a new suite of services called Pro Xtra. And customers with a commercial credit account will be able to buy up to $5,000 worth of goods rather than face the usual $2,000 limit.