Who hacked into Home Depot? How did they steal customer credit card information? What is "hacking?"

Apparently, the Home Depot breach went down in just like the Target breach last year. So, that deja vu feeling you're getting isn't your mind playing tricks on you. 

According to Krebs on Security, who broke the story last week, Home Depot store registers were infected with malware that essentially siphoned the data from credit cards as they were swiped. In addition to this being a variant of the malware that was used in the Target breach last December, the stolen credit card information was found for sale on the same site that that sold millions of stolen cards in the Target breach. 

Since the breach was confirmed and as customer credit card information is making its way into criminal hands, there has been an increase in fraudulent ATM withdrawals being reported by financial institutions

This video shows how a school is taking action against these types of attacks by preparing its students to be the good guys. To do that they are learning how to get inside the minds of the bad guys.

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