Nextel. Nationwide Direct Connect is the only wireless walkie-talkie service that allows users to connect instantly across the nation using the Push to Talk button on the Motorola phone offered by Nextel. The service can help increase productivity by cutting down on missed calls and unanswered voice mail messages. Plans range from Direct Connect-only plans to plans with bundled cell phone minutes, shared minutes, and free incoming calls. (800) 639-6111.

Courtesy Xplore Technologies

Leica Geosystems. The Rugby 200 automatic, dual axis laser features a visible beam with a working range up to 1,000 feet and a plumb beam for 90 degree layout work, as well as a plumb-down feature for set-up over a point. Other features include four adjustable head speeds, a scan mode, H.I. elevation alert, and full-function remote control. The level is accurate to within 1/16 inch per 100 feet, says the maker. (800) 367-9453.

Courtesy Trimble

Xplore Technologies . The iX104-TPC, a rugged wireless tablet that can withstand repeated drops to concrete from 3 feet, operates off Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to provide portable computing capabilities, such as digital ink, handwriting/signature capture, screen rotation, and instant-on features. Weighing 41/2 pounds, the tablet has a 10.4-inch LCD screen. (888) 449-7567. Trimble. The Spectra Precision Laser HD150 handheld distance meter measures area, volume, length, width, height, edges, and distances up to and more than 150 meters (500 feet). Readings can be taken in less than one second, says the maker. A keyboard interface, sighting grooves, and red laser are key features. The tool can operate for one year on one pack of AA batteries. (408) 481-8000.

Courtesy Python Tools

Python Tools. The Python Perfect Cutter is designed to cut a variety of wall penetrations, including electrical outlets and lighting holes. The tool integrates a template system with a router and a vacuum. The vacuum adheres the cutter and template to the wall and removes dust and debris while the router cuts a clean hole. The vacuum is carried on the operator's back for multiple cuts. (800) 860-8709. For more product information, visit ebuild, Hanley-Wood's interactive product catalog.