Alowood. Alleviating the demand on increasingly scarce hardwoods, Alowood engineered hardwood is made from plantation-grown, sustainable lumber, and is organically hardened and colored throughout. The result is a wood that looks and acts like domestic and exotic hardwoods, but is more readily available, easier to machine, and can be produced in virtually any color, the maker says. Currently, the material can be specified and sold to fabricators to create flooring and cabinetry. Additional applications are forthcoming. 360.366.3500.

Premier Building Systems. Sandwiching expanded polystyrene between two layers of OSB, the maker says its structural insulated panels offer a 55% higher whole-wall efficiency than traditional 2x6, R-19 construction. By creating a virtually airtight building envelope, the panels' energy efficiency can lower homeowners' expenses up to 60% and reduce necessary HVAC equipment size by as much as 40%, the maker says. Lumber waste is also lower than with stick framing, creating a greener jobsite. 800.275.7086.

Follansbee. Coated with zinc/tin ZT alloy and painted with solar-reflective coatings, KlassicKolors metal roofing keeps homes cooler with solar reflectance ranging from .25 to .74, and emittance of .85 to .92, depending on the color. Twenty available hues range from deep reds, blues, and greens, to earthy tans and browns. The ZT alloy's enhanced durability extends the life of the metal, allowing KlassicKolors to carry a 30-year warranty. 800.624.6906.

Oikos. Water-based and solvent-free, Oikos decorative plasters and paints come in a variety of finishes for interior and exterior use. The European brand lets users bring an authentic Italian feel to their homes with finishes including Venetian stucco, silk and velvet, marble and stone, and more. Manufactured with an eye toward eliminating toxins from products, Oikos plasters and paints are available exclusively through DecoFinish, with dealers in six states, including Florida, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, and Virginia, for nationwide service. 305.940.8022.