Although there has long been debate among remodelers over whether it is more advantageous to build projects using independent trade contractors or in-house employees, statistics show that most contractors find it necessary to use subcontractors in at least some capacity during production.

Remodelers most commonly cite the following reasons for hiring subs: improved timeliness of project completion, the ability to handle a workload that exceeds the capacity of in-house staff, and the ability to save money on payroll taxes and benefits. For a complete look at the results of this survey, visit

Tool Winner Brian Tranter of 4R Property Specialists, Southfield, Mass., won a Bosch 33618 Brute Tough Drill for participating in this month's Reader Panel. “The more input we get from people involved in the industry, the more we benefit,” says Tranter, adding, “It's important to hear from people who are active in the business.”

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