Last month we featured the 2006 Cost vs. Value Report in a slightly different — and we believe much-improved — format from previous years. One big improvement was the presentation of nine sets of regional data, which makes the averages more accurate than those for the four regions on which we previously reported. You can access all of this data at our Web site,, where a color-coded map of the U.S. makes it easy to find results for your region.

We're also making available data for each of the 60 cities covered by the 2006 Cost vs. Value Report in the form of PDF files that can be purchased and immediately downloaded from Each report includes data for all 25 projects in the selected city or cities, as well as national and regional tables and complete project descriptions.

You can also order a bound copy of the 2006 Cost vs. Value Report (delivery after January 1, 2007). In addition to national and regional tables, the 88-page research report organizes the survey data in two ways: 25 pages of project data from 60 U.S. cities, one page per project; and 60 pages of city data for all 25 projects, one page per city.