Still trying to get your beach body ready for the summer? You might just be in luck! For homeowners and remodelers alike, there isn’t a need to shell out money for a pricey gym for exercise. Fitness experts say you can get exercise just by picking up paint cans, ladders, and lumber instead of weights. So, remodelers are in luck!

Speaking with, personal trainer and do it yourself home remodeler Anne Vilimek says that, “If you do any type of home rehab, you’ll find yourself forced to develop some lean muscle mass. You can save a ton by doing [the work] on your own.”

Best remodeling workouts? Vilimek says that painting alone is a full-body workout because you go up and down ladders, squatting, and lifting cans. She also says that redoing floors offers a similar benefit. Furthermore, breaking it down by calorie loss, by fixing a roof you can burn up to 340 calories an hour.

REMODELING editor-in-chief Craig Webb told that while DIY remodelers can get exercise, some is best left for the professionals:

"'Anything that involves cutting into the walls of the house, and particularly the frame, should give you pause,' he says. ‘We hear of stories all the time of people who accidentally cut beams and posts and have part of the house fall in.'

But for the most part, novice rehabbers don’t need muscles “the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime” to build up a sweat doing basic projects, he says.

'Working on a house is not going to make you buff enough to qualify for the Olympics in weight lifting,’ Webb says. 'But it will raise your heart rate and help you get toned.’"

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