Describing the impetus for her company's Pipeline Report, Debra Moore, owner of Custom Design/Build, in Ann Arbor, Mich., says, “What I wanted was something that provided a quick snapshot of our cash flow and upcoming jobs.” Moore uses the report in monthly meetings with her production and design teams to make sure all sides are in sync with regard to current and upcoming projects.

The report is divided into three main parts: revenue expected from jobs currently in production, revenue expected from jobs still in the development phase, and revenue already collected through the calendar year.

Moore uses this report in conjunction with a similar report that focuses on current and upcoming design jobs. By collecting this information in one place and organizing it so that it can be referenced at a glance, Moore and her team are able to quickly see where they are in terms of their monthly and annual budget goals — and then act accordingly.

“If we see we don't have anything waiting in design, then we know I'll be out drumming up leads,” she explains. “If there is nothing coming up in production, then I know the focus should be on getting design jobs through development and into construction.”

In the end, Moore says, the report is a balancing tool for the company.