Remodeling Advantage contributor Spencer Powell encourages remodelers to focus on five sales and marketing goals to help you and your company achieve your goals. Hint: focus on sales and marketing. This means that you have to put time into your existing staff and resources as well as money to hire an outside marketing person or another salesperson.

Powell says to focus on these five sales and marketing goals:

  1. Establish life cycle stages so that you can keep tracks of the leads that you get. Do this by having a good naming convention for the types of leads your business is receiving.
  2. Get marketing automation installed that will give you “the tools you need to generate more leads with your website, nurture those leads, and track them through the marketing funnel.”
  3. Buy a CRM and actually use it as it will track all your leads in one place
  4. Double your lead volume so that you will get halfway there and still maintain your marketing strategy.
  5. Lastly, double your follow-up activity by calling your leads, engaging with your leads via social media, and use the information you have from your lead to help them with the process. Powell says, “Call. E-mail. Follow up. You don’t have to be pushy, but you do have to follow up.”

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