courtesy Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware. Remodeling for accessibility is a little easier with the Pocket Door Frame, says the company. The frame allows the door to slide across entryways, meaning all of the floor space around the doorway can be used, making it easier for those in wheelchairs to maneuver. The frame can be used with doors in a range of sizes and designs and is backed with a lifetime guarantee. 800.837.5664.

courtesy LWO Corporation

LWO Corporation. A unique option for deck railing and porches is the Woodway Glass ost Cap. Offered in Cobalt Blue, Amber, Olive Green, or Black, the caps fit standard-sized 4-inch-square posts. The heavy-duty glass protects post tops from the weather while providing colorful outdoor décor. 800.459.8718.

courtesy Luxaire

Luxaire. Energy Star qualified, the Acclimate 5T Series 15 SEER air conditioner uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. The demand defrost board features service analyzer capabilities, integrated control, high and low pressure switch connections, and a pipe freeze protection timer. Internal components are easy to access for installers and technicians, says the company. 877.874.7378.

courtesy Providence Artworks

Providence Artworks. The Ivory of Tagua collection of cabinet knobs is made not from elephant tusks (thankfully) but from the Tagua Palm nut of Ecuador. Hand-carved by artisans in rainforest communities, each knob is unique. They look and feel like real ivory, and even yellow with age like ivory does. 877.684.3362.

courtesy NATTCO

NATTCO. The Wall Tile Set-up Tool is an adjustable device that acts as a leveling system. Available in 3- and 5-inch lengths, the tool contains a leveler supported by adjustable base legs. The installer adjusts the supports until level, locks the supports, and installs the tiles above the leveler, which is used as a guide. 800.406.8453.