courtesy Epoch Composite Products

Epoch Composite Products. Created by a unique compression molding process, EverGrain composite decking contains both plastic and wood fibers. Deep grain in multiple patterns bestows a natural look in four colors: Redwood, Cedar, Grey, and Cape Cod Grey. The decking doesn't require painting, sealing, or staining and carries a 10-year limited warranty. 800.405.0546.

courtesy Habersham Furniture Company

Habersham Furniture Company. For a true decorator look, the Oven & Refrigeration Unit is available in an array of styles, including Valencia Art (shown), a French Provincial look. The 9-foot center cabinet holds drawers and a double oven unit, flanked by a 9-foot cabinet with a refrigeration unit on one side, and a 9-foot pantry unit with swing-out shelving on the other. Open shelving above the oven cabinet provides storage and décor options. 800.586.9245.

courtesy Frigidaire

Frigidaire. Hey, sports fans! Clear some space in the rec room for the Keg-O-Rator. It holds a half-barrel keg or can be converted into a beverage center with an added accessory kit. The stainless steel door features an integrated beer tap. Two coated-wire shelves above the keg area hold mugs or more drinks. It also includes an empty CO2 tank. 706.860.4110.

courtesy Tajima

Tajima. The Chalk-Rite Gear Drive rolls out 82 feet of braided line with smooth gear-drive winding that's up to three times faster than standard snap lines, according to the maker. Its positive gear-lock line hold automatically releases during rewind. A die-cast aluminum case prevents chalk seepage. 888.482.5462.


TEC. Double Duty Plus is an all-white, non-slip mastic that bonds wall tile and stone up to 16-inches-square to a variety of substrates. It creates a strong, “no-sag” bond without slippage and eliminates the need for spacers, says the maker. The 100% acrylic interior adhesive meets VOC regulations. 800.832.9002.

courtesy Style Solutions

Style Solutions. The low-maintenance, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer Round Columns can support up to 20,000 pounds, depending on size. Heights range from 6 to 24 feet, and the columns have hollow centers that can house downspouts, wiring, and plumbing. The non-porous, waterproof columns are sold unfinished and can be used indoors and outdoors. 800.446.3040.

courtesy Mann's Manufacturing

Mann's Manufacturing. Adding the coveted custom look to a bathroom remodel is easy with this line of architectural medicine cabinets. With four styles to choose from —Standard, Oversized, Tall Boy, and Twin Sink Vanity —the stylish mirrored cabinets suit nearly every taste. Each unit is hand-cut, and many boast hand-carved moldings. A number of stains and hardware finishes are offered. 800.618.6266.

courtesy Velux

Velux. Developed in partnership with SAGE Elec-trochromics, SageGlass electrochromic technology allows homeowners to tint the glass in Velux's venting electric skylight (size 104) from clear to dark using a remote control. The panes are coated with layers of thin, ceramic films that lighten or darken when a low DC voltage is applied or reversed. This can contribute to energy savings, according to the company. 800.283.2831.

courtesy Simpson

Simpson. Chalkboard panel doors come in three design configurations: one door-length panel, two panels separated by a rail, and a half-door chalkboard panel atop a wood panel. Each door is 1 3/8-inch thick and can be specified in heights of 6 foot, 8 inches, 7 feet, and 8 feet and in widths from 2 to 3 feet. The doors are available in standard Douglas fir, Western hemlock, American red oak, maple, and cherry, and can also be custom built in nearly any wood species. 800.952.4057.

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