Huber Engineered Woods. Increase construction efficiency with the ZIP System for walls and roofs. Wall panels (7/16-inch thick) and roof panels (½-inch thick) both feature built-in moisture barriers that won't tear or delaminate, eliminating the step of applying housewrap and roofing felt. After a staggered-seam installation, workers seal seams between panels with a specially designed tape and tape gun. All panels have passed performance tests for water penetration and wind-driven rain. Wall panels are also rated for water resistance and Type I air retarder, while roof panels are recognized for skid resistance and fire protection. The panels also afford a cleaner look for homes under construction. 800.933.9220. Circle 132.

KOMA. The new Heat Bending System allows users to bend the maker's Trimboards into a multitude of shapes by warming the PVC boards between heat blankets. Each kit includes two heat blankets, a timer, safety gloves, and a demonstration CD/DVD. The bending process takes less than 15 minutes on the jobsite or in a temperature-controlled shop. 800.330.2239. Circle 133.

Focal Point Products. Top off a room with stylish crown molding that doesn't require finish carpentry skills. The Quick Clips system uses a set of brackets that are installed along the header board of a wall, eliminating the need to search for studs to nail into. Polyurethane moldings, available in eight decorative patterns, simply snap on to the brackets. Do away with mitering and matching patterns by using the miter-free corner blocks. Moldings are available in 8-foot lengths of two sizes: 4 1/8 and 5 7/8 inches. 800.662.5550. Circle 134.

Wobble Light. Keep your projects illuminated longer with the Wobble Light. The 3-foot-tall light stands on its own and offers 360-degree illumination. The 27-pound unit sits on a rounded, counter-weighted base that self-rights if bumped. Halogen, fluorescent, or metal halide lamps can throw light from 24 to 110 feet. A 27-inch-tall version is also available. 847.577.3720. Circle 135.