Moberg Fireplaces. The Modern Rumford masonry fireplace kit is designed to be installed anywhere in the home. Constructed of heavy stainless steel, insulation, and factory-built masonry blocks, the fireplace is easy to install, claims the maker, because the imbedded steel serves as an assembly guide. (503) 227-0547.

Rais & Wittus. The direct-vent gas Rais Gabo stove features flame control, variable heat output, and an optional remote control. The stove is available in black or gray, and the convection grate/louvers can be speced in stainless steel. The stove can be connected to propane or natural gas via a direct-vent chimney. (914) 764-5679.

Travis Industries. Lopi Stoves' Looking Glass fireplace features a cast iron facing with early-American architectural detailing, a thermostatically controlled quiet blower, remote control, and the maker's Ember-Fyre burner. A secret compartment disperses aromatherapy scents. Three interiors are available, as well as optional double doors, a decorative pendant, and a one-way mirror that converts the fireplace into a framed mirror. (800) 654-1177.

Tulikivi. The Lunaria Major Perla fireplace can be installed against a wall or in a corner and pairs soapstone with contrasting stone accents. Featuring a firebox with a straight fireplace door, the fireplace is decorated with insets of pearly blue-toned stone. It stands nearly 69 inches tall. (212) 896-3897.

Courtesy Tulikivi

Napoleon Quality Fireplaces. The Electro-Glow fireplace plugs into an electrical outlet for operation and requires no venting. The 1,500-watt heater can operate independently of the flame. (800) 461-5581.

Courtesy Heat-N-Glo

Heat-N-Glo. The EPA Phase II certified North Star wood-burning fireplace is approved for burning during high pollution days. Two fans distribute heat, warming up to 2,800 square feet, says the maker. (888) 743-2887.

Courtesy Lennox Hearth Products

Lennox Hearth Products. Using a 3-D projected image of a real fire, the Reflections electric fireplace replicates the look, feel, and scale of a full-sized wood or gas burning fire, the maker says. The fireplace features split-oak logs and an ember glow, along with a built-in heater and blower and a remote control. (800) 953-6669.

Courtesy Heatilator

Heatilator. The Constitution wood burning fireplace is EPA Phase II compliant for clean-burning operation. A circulating grille design, large viewing area, two 160 CFM fans, a firebrick lining, outside air kit, and single-lever combustion control are standard features. (800) 843-2848.

Dimplex. The Two-Sided Optiflame Electric Fireplace offers an alternative to gas and wood burning fireplaces and features a soft, silent, fan-forced heater that produces instant heat that can be felt in two rooms at once. Both sides of the unit provide 800 square inches of viewing area. The electric firebox has a 22-inch depth. (800) 668-6663.

Courtesy Regency Fireplaces

Regency Fireplaces. The Panorama P48 direct vent gas fireplace provides 1,130 square inches of viewing area and has a heat output of 51,000 BTUs. A 45-degree flue provides versatile installation options, says the maker, and several door and trim options are available. The fireplace comes with a seven-piece log and ember set and can be controlled with a remote control or wall thermostat. (800) 442-7432.

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