Businessman Holding Money Bag
Fuse Businessman Holding Money Bag

It’s the question that clients love to ask and builders and remodelers hate to answer, “How much are you trying to make on this?”

Pricing a project is difficult for anyone in this business, and you don’t want to be oversharing or not being compensated appropriately for your work. In fact, at this year’s International Builders’ Show, NAHBNow says that, "pricing—and profit-focused education sessions were among the most popular at the 2016 International Builders’ Show.” Remodeling and home building aren't just hobbies.

Speaking with NAHB, owner and founder of Associates in Building + Design in Fort Collins, Colo., Bob Peterson gives fives pieces of advice on pricing:

  1. Stop guessing on costs
  2. Determine your minimum markup
  3. Create a budget
  4. Refine your client management skills
  5. Don’t forget to pay yourself.

To learn more click below and register to attend NAHB’s free webinar entitled “The Cost of Doing Business” on Tuesday, March 22 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

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