Do the Math - Supplier Discounts RevisitedDo the Math - Supplier Discounts Revisited

The original “Supplier Discounts” session of Do the Math caused some confusion... Read more

Tags: Finance
Angie's List Records $18.3 Million Net Loss in Q2

Revenue grew 33% from this time last year, but expenses grew nearly as much Read more

Small Businesses Are Finding Bank Loans Easier to Come By

If you are thinking about expanding your business and looking to take out a loan to do so, now may be as good a time as ever to do so. Here's why and how other small businesses are using creative ways to get lucrative loans. Read more

Tags: Finance
3 Reasons Contractors Don't Share Financial Info With Employees

Construction business owners are often hesitant to share their financial information with employees. While it may seem like a slippery slope, it can actually be beneficial to both your company and your employees. Read more

10 Causes of Financial Anxiety for Business Owners

Money and finances have been known to cause many people anxiety. The thought of not having enough of it can cause even the most confident people to worry. Financial anxiety affects not only the person worrying, but can grow to impact their business too. Here's how to spot and avoid such anxiety. Read more

Four Ways That Hopeful Thinking Can Ruin You

Eliminate these problem traits to help ensure you do profitable work Read more

Financing—It's Back Financing—It's Back

More money, new lenders, and relaxed credit standards revitalize the once-flagging market for home improvement financing Read more

Show Me the Money with Thea DudleyShow Me the Money with Thea Dudley

In this video, Thea Dudley of Guardian Building Products explains different... Read more

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