The stylistic type on this sign does a better job of communicating than the classic type on the new sign.

The original sign is tasteful. It communicates "contractor," which may not be what Rochman wants to convey. Someone looking for a contractor will notice the sign because it's the shape and style consistent with the category.

The color scheme is calm, but proportion is off -- the molding detail and line of type below it create a 1-to-2 proportion. That's less interesting to the viewer's eye than a 1-to-3 proportion.

The new design captures the eye. It's unusual and dramatically different.

The contrast between the dark-green type and white background is very nice. Proportions are good, because it's divided into three sections.

The pink balls are distracting. A single dark green ball would help people not focus on the balls.

The type is very classic and not as stylistic and eye catching as the type on the old sign. The new sign isn't as recognizable to those driving by as a contractor sign, meaning prospects will have to think twice about where it fits in.

Redesign Rating: For uniqueness, 9, on a scale of 10. If Rochman focuses on traditional design, another 9 for conveying that image. For overall design, a 6, because that smaller pink ball is especially distracting.

Critique courtesy of Janet Wagner, Ph.D., associate chair of marketing, R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland,