A: With every prospect you're working, ask yourself what you're leaving to chance. Whatever the answer to that question is, that's what you need to do, immediately, to ensure that the prospect becomes a client. Here are some suggestions to keep the process rolling:

* If more than one appointment's needed, be sure to schedule another prior to leaving the first. If you aren't sure how long it will take to get the information you need, pick a date anyway. That will put the pressure on you to get the information.

* Got something that needs to be picked out? Schedule an appointment to pick the prospect up and go shopping.

* If they want to look at some projects your company has done, don't give them names and numbers to call, take them to the jobs personally.

* They want to talk to their lender. Fine. But in the meantime, take an application and process it with your lender and see if you can get them the funds for less.

If you don't have time to follow all those suggestions, you don't have time to make a sale.

--Phil Rea, Phil Rea & Associates, offering professional speaking, money-making newsletter, Sales Pitch, and a powerful monthly sales meeting by phone to over 1,500 remodeling salespeople nationwide.