I'd wager that you've received a couple emails today that you felt were spam. Now, how many of your clients think what they get from you is spam? Hopefully not that many, but there are actually regulations in place to ensure that you aren't spamming your clients. Over at the Duct Tape Marketing blog, blogger John Thies, co-founder of Email on Acid, describes the issues that maintaining an email list can bring about. Some of his tips are common sense, like choosing the subject line and who the email is from very carefully. This can lead to a decrease in being marked as spam. But his tips also extend into protecting yourself legally:

While it might seem like common sense, we’re constantly surprised how often an “unsubscribe” link is forgotten or broken in email campaigns businesses send out daily. Once a recipient clicks on that link, businesses can obtain more information about why they clicked. Therefore, it’s important to make this process easy and to remove them quickly from your list (within 10 business days is required in the United States).

It's ok to communicate with your clients via mass email, Remodeling has a daily newsletter that update our readers on all the latest news, but its important to know how to protect yourself and your business when utilizing email. Read all of his advice over at the Duct Tape Marketing Blog by clicking on the link below.

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