Recently a reader saw our story on Houzz Pro+ and wrote to say this:

We are a small landscape makeover and landscape construction business with a very limited advertising budget. We've gotten two good referrals from that resulted in good jobs in the past 18 months. We were able to leverage those into four more jobs by showing neighbors and others these projects on site, and by directing them to our pages. All in all, we’re very happy with these results.

Has anything you've learned about the PRO+ pay to standout program indicated that it is (or isn’t) a wise investment? One disadvantage we see is that paying $200 per month only gives you "coverage" in one limited area. Our jobs have come from a wider area.

The Houzz’s sales people say that the Pro+ program has "come a long way" in the past year or so. We'd love to get a big bang for these $200 bucks, but remain skeptical that Pro+ Pay to Stand Out will REALLY do that for us. Any thoughts?

REMODELING wants to know what you think about the Pro+ since it launched in January 2013: Have you used the program? Describe your experience. Was it a helpful advertising tool? Would you recommend PRO+ to others? Why or why not? Write your opinions in the section below so we can get a better sense of what you think.