When leads come in, no matter where they come from or what the prospect's looking for, they all have one thing in common. The homeowners have a problem with their house and they're looking for a solution. It could be a big problem -- the kitchen's too small or the traffic flow through the house just doesn't work. Oftentimes it is more subtle -- the massing of the columns on the front porch isn't quite right or the trim on the windows is too heavy. Homeowners turn to remodelers with a variety of problems. A basic understanding of design can go a long way toward providing solutions.

That's what Drawing Board, an old favorite in REMODELING, is all about. We'll give you solutions to common issues and present basic design concepts.

We'll solicit lessons, examples, and solutions from designers all over the country, but we also welcome your personal answers to your clients' problems. You can send in real or theoretical examples of constraints you've overcome through design. Most important, this is a section that's dedicated to learning and new ideas. Share one of yours, and learn through someone else's.

Got a great design solution? Send an explanation, sketches, and photos, if available, to Christine Hartman, REMODELING, One Thomas Circle, N.W., Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20005. (202) 736-3362; chartman@hanley-wood.com.