It’s official — the election is over! And, aren’t you glad we are not waiting in utter suspense for hanging chads to be counted and recounted and recounted? Yay — no political commercials! I could do a cartwheel.

Your presidential candidate may or may not have won. But no matter what, here is the best news of all: The election is over! And even though half of the country lost in their bid for who should sit in the Oval Office, there are no coups in the streets, no shedding of blood, no rioting. Despite being dubbed one of the most contentious races in history, it really went off without much rabble rousing at all. This is still America and the system still works.

You may be in mourning or you may be rejoicing, yet 2016 is coming. We can count on that in this country — we always have. In four years another election will be held and the process will begin again. We redefine ourselves on a constant basis.

God bless democracy. God bless America! —Kathy Shertzer is office manager at DuKate Remodeling, in Franklin, Ind.