Credit: Robin Merrifield

Do you have problems explaining to customers why they should care about "U-Factor" when you're recommending a window or door? The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) can help with its free fact sheets explaining key energy performance numbers that go onto an NFRC label.

NFRC rates the energy performance of windows, doors, and skylights. While worthwhile, the ratings it produces can perplex a typical homeowner--or even a pro--because they delve into terms such as "visible transmittance" (how much light can come into a room), "solar heat gain coefficient" (the amount of outdoor heat that can enter a room, and "U-Factor" (how much heat from inside a room can escape.

To help explain those numbers and why they matter, NFRC will ship postcards (pictured), fact sheets, or co-branded tear sheets--all at no cost--to remodelers who join the council's Retailer Assistance Program. For details, visit the NFRC website at or contact Robin Merrifield at