Tiny Houses are popular. It seems like everyday there's a new story about a net zero Tiny Home that's changing the way homeowners are thinking about life. But who is actually living in these Tiny Homes and why do we love to watch them on tv? Buzzfeed's Doree Shafrir investigated the Tiny Home phenomenon, examining the four documentaries and numerous shows about the phenomenon. Her investigation found an incredibly homogenous group of faces building and living in Tiny Homes:

It’s not enough to just “go tiny”; you also have to appear on TV, start a blog, and proselytize about your new lifestyle. Because while people have been living in small homes forever, it’s just that now, as (overwhelmingly) white and middle-class people are doing it, there’s finally something to celebrate. It’s not new for people to be living in RVs or mobile homes; it’s just that now there’s a new vocabulary to gentrify living in a small space.

The entire article is definitely worth a read. If you're interested in Tiny Homes, or even just want the name of a new Tiny Home show to watch, click on the link below to read the full article.

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