The indoor-outdoor trend has taken off in the southwest in states like California and Arizona, where temperatures (and minimal bugs) invite homeowners to open all their windows and doors for some fresh air.

But in New York City, where winters are harsh and humidity makes everything sticky, the trend isn't quite the same. But this home, pictured above, defies all odds.

From New York Magazine:

The living room evokes nothing so much as warm California design: those earth tones, the walnut ceiling, the monumental steel-and-bronze staircase with live-edge treads, and most of all the porosity between indoors and out. That grassy backyard — with a full-grown lawn, even! — turns out to be 17 stories up.

The clients, explains architect Andrew Franz, had been craving outdoor space — so much so that they were willing to move from a townhouse they adored to this new condo building, which has far less inherent charm. “I mean, where else are you going to get 2,600 square feet of terrace?” he says. To that end, they combined two units for a total interior space of about 5,500 square feet, forming a dogleg shape.

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