A strategic alliance between Azek and Vast Enterprises now has Vast Pavers being offered through Azek's distribution channel. The modular pavers and grid-based installation make expanding into the world of hardscaping easy for remodelers, and the product's benefits go beyond its good looks. Standard 4-by-8-inch Azek Vast pavers:

  • comprise up to 95% post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics;
  • boast stain, impact, and scratch resistance;
  • come in five colors for a range of design options;
  • are available in landscape, permeable, and resurfacing paver styles; and
  • can be cut on-site with a regular miter or jigsaw to reduce time and labor.

Backed by a lifetime no-crack guarantee for residential installations, Azek Vast pavers are engineered to last. Their recycled content (which has diverted more than 5 million pounds of rubber and plastics from landfills since 2008), can help projects earn LEED certification.
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