This month, beginning February 8, the PBS show This Old House airs eight episodes about a house renovation that incorporates green practices and products. The Austin house is a 1926 bungalow that has 1,500 square feet of living space, including 2 ½ bedrooms and one bathroom. Architect David Webber and builder Bill Moore are working with homeowners Michelle Grieshaber and Michael Klug on the remodel that includes adding a second floor with two bedrooms and a full bath, and gutting and replacing the 1980s kitchen.

Green aspects of the renovation include metal roofing, spray foam insulation, salvaged materials, low-flow fixtures and toilets, energy-efficient appliances, and a solar energy system that will likely erase two months of energy bills per year.

“Using strategies that conserve energy and water, and opting for durable or reused or recycled materials, will illustrate to our audience how to create a low-maintenance, healthy, comfortable green home,” says executive producer Jeff Ruhe. Visit for local listings.