At 36-inches, Architect Jakub Szczesny has taken tiny home and infill development to a new extreme with Keret House in Warsaw, Poland. In a space between buildings where residents used to leave trash or old furniture now resides a triangular-shaped home with a width that ranges between 36 inches and 48 inches.

The home is accessible via drop-down stairs that leads to a 'latch' in the base of the first floor. To travel between the home's three floors, there's a single ladder in the hallway. The bedroom on the third floor squeezes in a bed between the walls and has a built in desk that takes up nearly half the width of the room.

No one lives in the home permanently, but the writer Etgar Keret, who's the patron of the property, chooses who stays there. It often accommodates artists in residence who only stay for a short period of time, says a spokesperson for the house.

In this article for Tech Insider, Chloe Pantazi gives viewers and inside look through the home by narrating photos from Keret. Take the tour here.

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