There are two imperative issues facing the future of civilization: rising sea levels and a growing population. In the next 100 years, coastal cities will not look the way they look today, and yet, we still need to live in coastal cities with access to ports. And as these sea levels rise, there will be less and less land mass to support the population that is expected to grow by another 2.5 billion people in the next 30 years.

Paulette Perhach argues that modular homes that are easily transported and quickly constructed are going to be the homes of this ever-shifting future with less space and more people. She covers an array of solutions that are already attempting to solve these problems

First is Contour Crafting, which constructs buildings using a 3D printer to lay a concrete mixture in the shape of a building, which is now being developed by NASA to build structures with materials on the moon. Another solution is Kasita, which houses shipping container-like pods in a structure. Each pod or Kasita can be moved from city to city wherever its tenants go. Lastly, is the help of open-source sites like WikiHouse and Instructables where architects and engineers share their ideas for everyone to replicate.

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