The people behind the decor studio Fiction Factory in Amsterdam are now turning their sights to building whole houses instead of just the furniture that goes inside them. Creatives from the firm developed Wikkelhouse, which is translated from Dutch as Wrapping House, because a house-shaped structure is literally wrapped in 24 layers of cardboard, along with a waterproof coating layer and wood paneling on top to protect from harmful weather.

The homes are customizable, with the ability to add more 'frames' to elongate the space of the house. All the materials used are sustainably produced and recyclable, making the Wikkelhouse three times more eco-friendly than traditional housing, according to the company.

The entire house equipped with a prefabricated kitchen and bathroom is priced at roughly $80,000 and can be built in just a day. It's also easy to transport, so it can go anywhere you go.

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