The New York Times profiles a new home accessories store just for the multimillion-dollar apartments that adorn the New York City skyline. Pirch presents itself as one-stop destination for renovation projects that have no budget. Pirch, as New York Times’ James Barron writes,

...presents itself as upscale and unapologetically expensive, a gilded Home Depot, a one-stop shopping destination for people with multimillion-dollar apartments and renovation budgets to match. Or, perhaps, an even more rarefied band on the economic and demographic spectrum: people with multimillion-dollar apartments in New York City and multimillion-dollar weekend homes in places like the Hamptons.”

You won’t find products sold at Home Depot here. Pirch prides itself on selling exclusive products that you can't find anywhere else. Aside from the price tags (or lack thereof), inside Pirch's store you can test out any of their products. Need to test a showered? No problem, all of the shower heads are connected to a water source. Try out an oven? No problem, their ovens are connected to gas lines. Pirch’s 32,000 square feet and seven-story loft building is hoping to,“reinvent the entire retail shopping experience,” as chief executive Jeffery Sears told the New York Times.

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