The temperatures continue to climb, and with it homeowners are spending as much time outdoors as they can. According to the American Institute of Architects, 69% of firms saw an increased demand for outdoor living spaces in the first quarter of 2016.

It is for this reason, as Wall Street Journal writer Stefanos Chen writes, that,

"The backyard deck is having its moment in the sun. The size of decks and patios is rising, and architects are seeing renewed interest from luxury-home buyers—even in cold-winter markets. The shift, experts say, reflects what’s happening indoors: Walls are coming down, along with the notion of boxy, formal living spaces. Now, more developers are taking cues from the resort industry, where the outdoors shines.”

The trend towards more expansive decks and patios isn’t just for the sunny states, but is also moving up to regions that have colder climates. These states include Colorado, Minnesota, and Washington.

According to our annual Cost vs. Value report, upscale deck additions result in positive net-gain in Columbia, S.C., and Santa Rosa, Calif., with a national average cost of $37,943 for a 320-square-foot-deck remodel.

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