After many successful remodels of medical offices, residential remodeler David Heaney (Big50 2005, with Rockland Inc., Newport, Del.) had a vision of how his understanding of these specialized spaces could help other contractors diversify as well.

The result is Healthcare Facilities Solutions (, a new Rockland subsidiary that provides customized space plans, along with services such as estimating and scheduling, to help other contractors build out or remodel medical suites in their area. The fee is from 1% to 10% of construction costs, depending on level of services.

How it works: The remodeler provides a CAD drawing of the existing space to Heaney’s designers. They eliminate common design flaws by working closely with the medical practice to provide schematics covering details from space geometry and door swings to interior finishes. The remodeler then builds to plan.

The result, Heaney says, is an almost-turnkey entrée into an exploding yet misunderstood sector. Capital investments in medical facilities are projected to grow to $100 billion by 2011, he says. But doctors are pinched by declining reimbursements and need workspaces that are both highly functional and attractive. “They want to work with builders who specialize in health care,” he says.