In her Not So Big House book series and Home by Design, architect Sarah Susanka led the movement to creating better-quality — not larger — houses.

In her new book, The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters, Susanka moves beyond the structure of the house to address the broader scope of life. She offers simple exercises and inspiring stories to show how people can make subtle shifts to improve their lives. Susanka explains how readers can create a blueprint to “remodel” so they can live to their full potential.

The chapters on noticing what inspires you, identifying what isn't working, removing the clutter, listening to your dreams, learning to overcome obstacles, improving the quality of what you have, and creating a place and time of your own. She urges readers to prepare a notebook to help them with this quest, and offers exercises for the reader in each chapter to lead them through the process.

A Web site about the book also has downloadable blank versions of some of the longer questionnaires in the book. Visit