Restoring a home is one thing, but restoring a home to match the life and times of a conceptual artist is another feat. With extensive research on the condition of the San Francisco home as it stood in 1975, during a critical time in the artist’s career, the team was able to revitalize the home. The team at Jensen Architects was faced with both an architectural and artistic challenge.

Our sister site Residential Architect magazine writes,

The nature of the artist’s work mandated a restoration process that began with a survey of each room, documenting individual cracks, naturally occurring or created by the artist, within the lacquer-coated interior walls. After all movable artworks were relocated, remaining pieces were protected in place, held in stasis during construction. The lacquer-coated interior walls were then fiber-reinforced and back injected with epoxy to preserve and stabilize any cracking and topographical nuance.

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