Chances are the remodels you design for your clients are geared toward making the home more workable for the humans of the family. Have you ever considered what features Fido and Fluffy might want in a remodel?

In a contribution to the San Diego Union Tribune, Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling offers several ideas for giving a family's four-legged friends a few spaces of their own:

A special spot just for the dog — his own “room” in space that otherwise wouldn’t be used — is [one] option. Homeowners can add built-in dog beds to spaces under a staircase, in a nook or bay window. A dog crate could even be incorporated under part of a kitchen island or peninsula counter, which lets the dog be near the family when you’re cooking dinner, but not begging underfoot. Another option might be to add a built-in spot for dog bowls and food in an island to prevent messes, and easily put the bowls away when your dog isn’t eating.

Dogs aren’t the only four-legged furry friend to consider during a remodel. Many cat owners, especially those with contemporary or modern tastes, reluctantly buy traditional cat trees and scratching posts — which only seem to come in beige. Instead, built-in catwalks are easy to integrate into remodel plans. Use shelving to create unique walkways and perches for cats to explore. This way, the catwalks can match a home’s design scheme and owners can get creative with different textured materials for cats to scratch.

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