Actress and singer Mary Bolt moved to Manhattan after graduating from Yale University. She purchased a Gramercy apartment and hired architect Denise Lee to remodel the old space into a place where Bolt’s personal style could shine through. During the renovation, Lee discovered some unique features, originally not apparent, she could incorporate into the redesign.

The “bones” she uncovered included aforementioned 12-foot-high ceilings, large windows, and original finishes and moldings. A gorgeous wood floor was hidden underneath a cheap laminate and industrial radiators were concealed by wooden cabinets. According to Lee, the best surprise was hiding behind a bathroom closet, an 1873 column topped with an ornate capital from the original bank building. After removing the closet and repairing it, Lee made it the focal point of the apartment.

Other renovations included, rearranging the floor plan to create a large central space, adding a small loft for a better view of the large window, and modernizing the living space by utilizing hand-troweled plaster instead of drywall.

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