Sun Design in Fairfax, Va. have a lot of experience with remodeling projects. Yet, when Grace and Jim decided to move in with their daughter to downsize. From moving, expenses, and the like the remodel took on another challenge as Grace has been living with dementia for a number of years. Remodeling a home for aging parents and one with dementia, the end goal has to be to minimize the impact of transition as those with dementia can have a difficult time adjusting to new environments and their routines.

To help these clients, Sun Design incorporating a unique design. The two familiar spaces in Grace and Jim’s current home, the living room and the ‘heritage room’ were measured and mapped in order to create a private space on the main floor of their daughter’s home.

As best as possible, we also replicated their bathroom layout, giving her a familiar space to tend to her needs, while making it accessible for Jim to assist her, as well as home health workers who may need to help with her care in the future. The functionality of their bathroom was key, so items were incorporated throughout including grab bars and a large shower with benches in order for someone to assist her.

With aging in place becoming more and more realistic, certified aging in place specialists, such as our Liz Lee, are learning how to make small comforts in the home a life-changing experience. Being on the first floor of the home, Jim and Grace have easy access to the communal kitchen space, safe entry in and out of the house, and ease of interaction with guests, as well as the other family members in the home

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